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The Freedom Child Foundation provides support and resources to adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 who have one or both parents incarcerated. By ensuring family connection through phone calls, letter writing, and visitationThe Freedom Child Foundation helps adolescents maintain a relationship with their incarcerated parent. 


Many adolescents get lost in a legal system while their parent(s) are incarcerated. This can be due to an overworked Child Protective Services employee, or caregivers who lack the resources to meet the adolescent’s needs during their troubling time.  In extreme cases, caregivers simply do not care enough for the adolescents to attempt to find resources that will help them overcome and work through their difficulties. Because of this, many adolescents lose connection with their parents when their parents are incarcerated. The Freedom Child Foundation wants to help adolescents maintain the connection with their parent(s) by providing finances for phone calls, stationery for letters, and/or transportation for visitation. We aim to serve and empower children during this pivotal time in their journey by providing means to continue communicating with their incarcerated parent, while also providing crucial resources for personal growth, development, and mental stability. We live in a very punitive society that will ensure that correctional facilities never expire. Through this foundation, we have an opportunity to work together to ensure that our youth will be able to stay connected to their parent(s) as well as not fall victim to various traps and pathways that lead to incarceration.




Image of children enjoying their fathers for the holidays at our Holiday with Dad event hosted at Danville Correctional Center in Danville Illinois.

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