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In Person

While at events you can always donate to the Freedom Child Foundation with a Freedom Child Foundation Representative

Apps on your phone


Online giving is very easy. Just click the donate button and choose your amount. Even $1 helps a child stay connected to their incarcerated parent!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Clicking this button takes you to PayPal.

If you'd like to directly donate via PayPal you can use our email address

By Mail 

All monetary donations given by mail should either be a check or a money order. All checks should be made out to The Freedom Child Foundation.

The Freedom Child Foundation

P.O. Box 90146

Houston, TX 77290


Stationery Donations

If you are interested in sending materials to ensure that Freedom Children can write their parents letters, here is a list of items that we accept and are approved by the Departments of Corrections (DOC):

- Loose leaf lined paper

- Pens and pencils

- Envelopes

- Greeting or special occasion cards

- Postage stamps

NO markers, NO stickers, NO crayons. I love the creativity that our children have, however due to DOC guidelines they are not allowed.

Items can be sent directly to our P.O. Box which can be found down below.

FINANCIAL donations

Our sponsors take pride in knowing that their donations, or freedom funds, will go towards uplifting a child and changing their family’s dynamic. Every donation made towards The Freedom Child Foundation will help a child connect with their incarcerated parent(s) via phone, letter writing, or in person visitation, get the therapeutic assistance that they will need, and find recreational outlets to continuously develop their character.


Stipend for phone calls

Phone calls are a primary source of communication for children to speak with their incarcerated parents. Even with some facilities making phone call rates less than $0.20/min, it can still be tough for a struggling family. We won't allow money to be a reason a child can't speak to their parent. Apply to become a Freedom Child today and we can discuss how to ensure that talking to your parent won't be a financial burden.

Stationery for
letter writing

Letter writing is a long-lasting source of communication for children who have an incarcerated parent. Purchasing extra supplies such as markers, pens, envelopes, stamps, etc can be an inconvenience for some families, we understand. As much as incarcerated parents write their children, we want the children to have the materials to return a heartfelt message. Apply to become a Freedom Child today and we can discuss how to ensure that writing your parent won't be a financial burden.

Assistance with visitation

Visitation is one of the most complicated forms of communication with an incarcerated parent. Most times the location of the facility is very far and those trips can be very expensive. Apply to become a Freedom Child and we can discuss how we can assist with in-person visitation.

Some Of Our Sponsors & Partners

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