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Scholarships for College and Trade Schools

Scholarships are needed for adolescents of incarcerated parents because a great majority of them come from low income and poverty stricken neighborhoods. As a result, many of them go into foster care or the state’s custody.  These entities do not offer consistent and substantial support for students who choose to further their education.

Statistics on mass incarceration and how it affects adolescents

Statistics helps us to see facts and facts are our friends. Statistics will also help the guardian and adolescents to see the reality and seriousness of incarceration and how it affects adolescents who are experiencing it. The Freedom Child Foundation will provide this information in hopes of motivating the guardian and adolescent to remain striving to be the best version of themselves. 

Affordable Therapy Sessions

The incarceration of a parent is a very traumatic experience for adolescents. Therapy is very important in terms of processing trauma and properly moving forward. The Freedom Child Foundation will help adolescents connect to affordable therapists in their area. Connecting families with an affordable family therapist based on the release of an incarcerated parent will also be made available.

Financial support for transportation and phone calls to stay in communication with parent(s)

History has revealed that families cannot bear the financial burden of the cost in gas to attend visitation at the facilities or the phone calls from correctional facilities. The communication between adolescent and parent is a right that every adolescent should have. However, because of financial barriers adolescents with incarcerated parents do not get to exercise that right due to the predatory charges from the correctional center. *This option is based on state’s approval and legal guidelines between child and parent(s).

Tutoring and support for extracurricular activities

Repeatedly we see the correlation between illegal activities and adolescents with idle time and failing grades. With the help of our sponsors, The Freedom Child Foundation will be able to provide tutoring and resources for the participants to use their extra time for recreational activities such as camping, sports, musical instruments, and other talents. It is very important to promote self worth and growth in adolescents who have an incarcerated parent simply because the process of enduring that trauma comes with thoughts of worthlessness and self blame.

Legal support

Through my work as an advocate for the Prison Phone Justice Campaign I am dedicating to advocating for adolescents who have parents incarcerated to make this process less traumatic than it needs to be. Also as a former individual in foster care, I am familiar with how little caseworkers check on their clients and being intentional about the child's safety. I am not afraid to add pressure on authority figures who are put in place to protect adolescents.


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