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Ensuring that every child who has an incarcerated parent always has the means to stay connected to them and the resources to persevere past that traumatic time.


The Freedom Child Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides support and resources to adolescents in the United States between the ages of 5 and 18 who have one or both parents incarcerated. Our goal is to ensure that every child who wants to stay connected to their incarcerated parent, always has the means to do so. By ensuring family connection through phone calls, letter writing, and visitation, The Freedom Child Foundation also hopes to provide therapy to adolescents who are in need of restorative and therapeutic support during the traumatic time of their parents being incarcerated.




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Many adolescents lose connection with their parents when their parents are incarcerated. The Freedom Child Foundation helps adolescents maintain the connection with their parent(s) by providing finances for phone calls, stationery for letters, and/or transportation for visitation. We serve and empower children during this pivotal time in their journey by providing means to continue communicating with their incarcerated parent, while also providing crucial resources for personal growth, development, and mental stability. The Freedom Child Foundation hopes to reduce the statistic that adolescents of incarcerated families will eventually become victims of incarceration.


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A Letter From Our Founders

Dear Freedom Children, their parent or guardian, sponsors, and supporters,

We see you.

This moment has been developing for us and we are in so much awe that we are here. We are here for you. We are showing up for you because we completely understand the importance of maintaining a relationship with your parent while they are incarcerated.

Admitting that your parent is incarcerated can be very embarrassing and for the better part of my journey I, Wandjell, decided to use the phrase that my parents were on "vacation". They vacated for years, throughout elementary school, middle school, as well as high school. It was awful. Not only was the lying exhausting but the lack of finances to talk to them as often as they called was very damaging. It was damaging to my development as a growing child along with damaging to the growth of my relationship with my parents. I've been where you are, I've been you.

We are here with nothing but love and support. Our greatest desire is for there to not be a need for the Freedom Child Foundation to exist. However until we get there, we will always show up for the children who need us.

Let's change the world.

Wandjell and Marty

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